Winter Snowscape

In Cary, NC, February is the coldest month of the year. The winter season peaks before the advent of spring.

I sat fretting indoors the whole day, watching temperatures plummet to sub-zero and deeper. When the incessant rain turned into sleet and then slowly to snow, I decided to venture out and find out for myself what this wintery world outside looked like. Is it sad & lonely as Virginia Woolf portrayed when she said “Melancholy were the sounds of the winter’s night” ? Or would I find that it had a soul and a spirit and a story to tell?

I took my camera along, hoping to capture the feel of winter and portray it artistically at the least. I set my camera’s picture style to monochrome – not just because ‘artistically’ conjured up black & white images in my mind but what better way to express the play of light & shadow in the winter landscape?


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