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I am an amateur photographer based out of Cary, NC. Like many of you, photography graduated into a hobby for me only after I bought my first DSLR; and even then, for the first few years I was content to be the family photographer at birthdays and outings, taking the occasional good picture. Once I started to learn the features of a DSLR, my interest in photography grew. It took me many years, many books and hundreds of google searches to get a hang of photography techniques and equipment. I am still a learner, I am still trying to shoot consistently good pictures.

I have created this photo blog to show case some of my pictures (both good & bad) and talk about the inspirations, tools & techniques behind them. I also hope to share the bits & pieces of knowledge I have, review other similar websites, books, equipment and photos. (You are not going to find all the content right away, so do visit often or subscribe to get notified when new content is posted). You would find photos from all over the world, though, don’t be surprised if most of them are from the USA, Singapore and India, for those are the places I have mainly lived.

I welcome comments and constructive criticisms. I welcome you to share your knowledge so that we all can take better photos. I think I am somewhere in the middle of the learning curve – neither a pro nor a complete amateur. So I will benefit from the pros out there and I can definitely share tips & tricks with people starting out to explore serious photography.

Lastly, unlike a regular photo-blog, you would see a lot of text here. It is an attempt to bring together two of my passions – my trigger happy love of capturing interesting subjects and my love for writing. Both are but different forms of expression and hopefully one will complement the other.

Joseph Prem Anand (Joseprem)

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