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This unique collection of curated photography resources where compiled over many years based on websites, books, magazines, and photographic gear that I have used, read, followed or just come across. I have not provided them here for quick access (for which you can just google and get more results). Rather, these are delicious photography related content that are to be browsed leisurely, lingered and savored. Trust me, I have spent hundreds of hours in these websites, learning, appreciating and at times getting amazed. Take for example, Lomography. What quixotic creative options there, to try as well as to buy!

I have organized the resources in terms of:

What you want to do: to learn & improve your photography knowledge, read interesting articles, buy gear, troubleshoot a problem, submit your photos for a contest or just view quality photos

Category: Photography techniques (portrait photography, flash photography, aerial photography, macro photography etc.), Magazines, Books, Gear (Camera, lenses, accessories), websites, online classes and more.

I will be adding more resources in due course. Note that I am not affiliated with any of these sites mentioned here.

I welcome contributions. So if you have good photography resources to share, resources that you have used or come across, please submit them using the comments section below. I will be happy to add them to this page and credit you as well.

Joseprem's Photography Resources

You can optionally use the 'Activity' and/or 'Category' filter below. For example, ‘Learn’ + ‘Macro photography'; ‘Download’ + ‘Firmware’ etc. To reset, just remove the fitlers. You can also combine with the Search box for better results eg. “Canon”, “National Geographic”
ActivityCategoryURL htmlDescription
Buy GearFiltersCockinA brochure on Cockin filters. Explains why to use filters, how filters work and the different types of filters available
Buy GearStudio AccessoriesStudio OutfittersRent studio equipment in Singapore
Buy GearLensSigmaLens lineup
Buy GearCameraOlympusCamera lineup
Buy GearCameraLeicaCamera lineup
Buy GearCameraHasselbadMedium format camera
Buy GearRetailerPeace CameraGood buys in Singapore
Buy GearCameraGoProCamera lineup
Buy GearCameraRicoh (Pentax)DSLR Camera lineup
Buy GearCameraSonyCamera and accessories lineup
Buy GearFlash PhotographyNikkon SpeedlitesSpeedlite line up
Buy GearLensNikkor lensesLens lineup
Buy GearCameraNikkon DSLRCamera lineup
Buy GearFlash PhotographyCanon, USAFlash Lineup
Buy GearLensCanon, USAEF Lens lineup
Buy GearCameraCanon, USAEOS Camera lineup
Buy GearGeneral PhotographyPDN PhotosourceDatabase of all photographic vendors
Buy GearHDR PhotographyPhotomatixThe #1 HDR software
Buy GearLensCosinaManual focussing lens for 35mm cameras
Buy GearCameraHolga DirectHolga - the lo-fi camera with a cult following
Buy GearCameraLomographyGet introduced to creative and experimental photography
Buy GearAccessoriesManfrottoThe best tripods money can buy
Buy GearAccessoriesPhotojojoGet even more creative with your photography hobby
Buy GearLensLensbabyCircular fish-eye, bend for focus, tilt-shift: unleash your lens creativity
Buy GearDrone PhotographyPhotojojoPhantom 2 photography drone
Buy GearLensZeissLegendary lenses. Adapts to all cameras
Buy GearLensVivitarKnown for its manual focus lenses and converters
Buy GearLensTokinaLenses often at a fraction of the cost
Buy GearFiltersTiffenFilter choice for imagemakers
Buy GearCameraPolaroidGo retro (& instant) with the Polaroids
Buy GearAccessoriesKodak FilmsConsumer films
Buy GearDrone PhotographyPhantom 2 VisionDrone with integrated 12mp cameara. Take your photography to new heights. 20+ segments with assignments
Buy GearDrone PhotographyStrive High VisualsWell, hire a Drone for a photography event or just hire a pilot!
Buy GearDrone PhotographyPlexiDronePortable, snap-together drone for photography
Buy GearLensTamronManufacturer's website listing all lenses
Buy GearFiltersSchneider OpticsB&W filers
Buy GearFiltersLee Filters
DownloadFirmwareMagic LanternAmazing Firmware Hack. Extend functionality and add features to your canon cameras. (Latest hack: they made Linux run on eos cameras!)
DownloadPicture StyleMarvel's cine for CanonPicture style for canon. Free to download and use
DownloadPicture StyleTechnicolorCinestyle download
DownloadPhotoshop ActionsCoffee Shop BlogPhotoshop actions, frames etc.
DownloadPicture StyleCine PlusDownload picture styles
DownloadFirmwareCanon, USAFirmware updates
DownloadFirmwareNikkon USAFirmware updates
Enter ContestsWebsiteLens CultureLens culture earth awards
Enter ContestsMagazinesBlack & WhiteB&W contests
Enter ContestsMagazinesPhotography monthlyA page listing all the latest photo shoot-outs
Enter ContestsMagazinesLife FramerCompetitions every month and get exhibted in London, Paris and LA
Enter ContestsMagazinesRange FinderContests by Range Finder magazine
Enter ContestsMagazinesPhoto District NewsContests of all kind
Enter ContestsWebsitePhotographer's ForumCash prizes
Enter ContestsPhotography OrganizationsInternational Photography AwardsPrestigious award. Check out the non-professional category
Enter ContestsPhotography OrganizationsWorld Photography Organization - National awardsNational Awards category covers 54 countries including India.There are 1-4 places for each country. Sponsored by Sony. Contest opens in June
Enter ContestsPhotography OrganizationsWorld Photography Organization - StudentStudent version of the Sony awards
Enter ContestsPhotography OrganizationsAmerican Illustration and American PhotographyYearly competition which results in a book
Enter ContestsPhotography OrganizationsThe PhotocontestLists all open competitions
Enter ContestsMagazinesHow to Win a Photography CompetitionTips for competitions
Enter ContestsPhotography OrganizationsHumanity Photo AwardsFocussed on folk culture. Yearly
Enter ContestsPhotography OrganizationsCapture the NatureContest runs every month. Any nature topic
Enter ContestsPhotography OrganizationsTravel photographer AsiaContest ends 20th April
Enter ContestsPhotography OrganizationsChasing the LightMultiple contests in a year
Enter ContestsPhotography OrganizationsOne Million PhotographersContest as well as gallery. Need to pay for submission
Enter ContestsLandscape photographyInternational Landscape Photography awardsSubmissions for International Landscape photographer award
LearnGeneral PhotographyLife HackerTimeless tips and tricks to improve your photography: the one I love is the plastic bag hack for vintage photos. Explore tips & tricks from 2012, 2011 as well.
LearnOnline ClassesTony Sweet PhotographyTony Sweet Photography
LearnMagazinesApogee PhotoBeginners section is very good
LearnCameraYashica GuyEverything about Yashica cameras
LearnCameraCanon, USACanon camera basics - videos
LearnLight TrailsAbsolute PhotoSome good resources including light trails and miniature effects. Intermediate level
LearnGeneral PhotographyPhoto NetMultiple topics - Beginer to Advanced
LearnPortrait photographyNikon USAHow to take great portraits - tips from Karen Kuehn
LearnTravel PhotographyPhoto NetCaputring Culture Digitally
LearnFood PhotographySerious EatsFood Photography 101
LearnPortrait photographyNational GeographicRobert Caputo explains portraits and candids
LearnFood PhotographyNational GeographicGenerate some ideas for food photography. Don’t just look at the final food that people eat.
LearnFlash PhotographyStrobist#1 resource for flash
LearnFlash PhotographyPhotonotesFull theory of flash & flash photography
LearnFlash PhotographyNational GeographicTips & photos
LearnFlash PhotographyTuts+Light setups & types of lighting. Advanced
LearnFlash PhotographyUdemy38 lessons from light concepts to advanced lighting
LearnFood PhotographyFStoppersLearn about lighting for food photography
LearnFood PhotographyLearn food photographyFree resource to improve your food photography in 30 days (Disclaimer: I have not tried it)
LearnFood PhotographyWikipediaA few useful tips
LearnFood PhotographyUdemyA very good, comprehensive course consisting of 29 lessons with many photography tips included
LearnOnline ClassesUdemyFree photography lessons from Udemy
LearnFireworks PhotographyNikon USATips for Nikon users
LearnFireworks PhotographyNational GeographicIdeas, tips & tricks for photographying fire works
LearnFireworks PhotographyCanon, USAThe run-down on fireworks photography for Canon users
LearnPhotojournalismTuts+Be somebody - a photojournalist
LearnPhotojournalismNDSUPowerpoints on Photojournalism
LearnMacro PhotographyPhoto NetLearn basics of Macro shooting
LearnMacro PhotographyKen RockwellHow to shoot macro, best macro lenses
LearnLandscape photographyNational GeographicTips for landscape photography
LearnLandscape photographyNature photographer's networkGood resource for landscape photography
LearnOnline ClassesVisual WildernessLandscape photography course
LearnLandscape photographyDp ReviewGood primer on landscape photography
LearnPortrait photographyChildren's Portrait PhotographyChildren's Portrait Photography with TAMARA LACKEY
LearnPortrait photographyCamera settings for portraitsTips on camera settings before taking portraits
LearnSports PhotographyImprove Photography20 tips for shooting college basket ball
LearnWedding Photography68 Essential wedding photography tipsLargest collection of wedding photography tips
LearnPortrait photographyImprove PhotographyPortrait posing tips
LearnWaterfall PhotographyNational GeographicUrges you to beat the cliché and be creative in capturing water
LearnSports PhotographyCatching the LightJerry Rodriquez on sports photography - equipment, techniques etc.
LearnSports PhotographySports Photography: An IntroductionIntroduction & Basics
LearnSports PhotographySports ShooterOnline resource for sports photographers
LearnSports PhotographySummit WorkshopsLearn to be a pro. (US only)
LearnOnline ClassesSummit OnlineNot very expensive but very selective courses
LearnSports PhotographyNPPATons of tips from the Pros
LearnOnline ClassesTaking Flight: Drone Photography & Video
Learn how to create stunning aerial photos
LearnDrone PhotographyDrone Photography 101Tips & Tricks
LearnDrone PhotographyASMPFree intro course about drone photography
LearnDrone PhotographyB&HIntroduction to Aerial photography - a technical article about aerial photography using drones
LearnDrone PhotographyPocket LintBeginner guide
LearnDrone PhotographyF StoppersHow To Prep, Fly, And Photograph with A Quadcopter Drone On Location
LearnGeneral PhotographyTamron Learning CenterTamron has a surprisingly good website about photographic techniques, lenses and more. Written by world famous photographers
LearnTravel PhotographyKodak MomentsTips from the Pros for nature, travel, portrait, event photography.
LearnTravel PhotographyKodak MomentsTips & Tricks for nature, events, vacations, around the house etc.
LearnPortrait photographyImprove PhotographyPortrait photography tips
MeetPhotographersBriansmithWebsite of pulitzer prize winning photographer, Briansmith. Celebrity portraits, travels etc. I love the film noir section
MeetPhotographersBoredPandaTop portrait photographers in the world
MeetPhotographersScott Kelby's blogI love Scott Kelby's books. The blog proves his words.
MeetPhotographersPDN PhotoserveVisual database of world's best photographers
MeetPhotographersNational GeographicMeet famous photographers
PrintWebsiteFracture frameOnline photo printing
PrintWebsiteShutterflyA personal favorite for on-line photoprinting
ReadLandscape photographyBoredPandaBe inspired by these landscape photographs
ReadBooks100 Ways to take better B&W photographsExplains techniques, compositions, accessories and different genres.
ReadBooksThe complete guide to Outdoor PhotographyExhaustive with good tips
ReadBooksThe complete photographerA master class in every photographic genre
ReadBooksScott Kellby's Digital PhotographyMy favorite beginner book
ReadMagazinesDigital PhotoUK based magazine
ReadLandscape photographyCharlie WaiteMore inspiration for landscape photography
ReadLandscape photographyOn Landscape magazineOn Landscape magazine
ReadMagazinesPopular PhotographyOnline magazine
ReadMagazinesDigital PhotoHow-to's, Buyers guide
ReadMagazinesOutdoor PhotographerArticles on landscape and other outdoor photography
ReadMagazinesDigital SLR PhotographyTips, tricks and articles for various levels
ReadMagazinesShutter Bug
ReadMagazinesPractical photography
ReadMagazinesBlack & WhiteBlack & White photo magazine. Known for its contests
ReadMagazinesBetter Photography (India)Well known Indian photography magazine
ReadMagazinesAmerican Photo
ReadMagazinesDigital Photographer
ReadMagazinesDp ReviewVery good site for everything about photo
ReadMagazinesNatures Best Photography
ReadMagazinesPhoto TechniquesCheck out the resources section
ReadMagazinesAmateur PhotographerAnother UK based magazine
ReadMagazinesDigital Photo Pro
ReadMagazinesView Photography MagazineA very different magazine
ReadMagazinesNature PhotographerHow-To's for nature photography
ReadMagazinesEos MagazineMust have for Canon SLR owners
ReadMagazinesPhotography monthly
ReadManualCanon, USAAll EOS user manuals
ReadMagazinesF11 MagazineAvailable in downloadable PDF format
ReadSteet PhotographyStreet PhotographyNice blog of street photography & you can submit photos too.
ReadMagazinesFree OnlineListing of FREE online magazines
ReadPortrait photographyArtsyFor the artistically inclined. Contemporary portraits
ReadAmazing PhotosNational GeographicVisual treat of amazing photos, from NG
ReadAmazing PhotosTime PhotographyLife & Lightbox - exotic lands, people & culture
ReadMagazinesEconomist PhotographyPhotographic trends, photo-essays
ReadBlogsNY TimesVisual Journalism
ReadMagazinesThe GaurdianGet all latest news photos here
ReadDrone PhotographyDrone Photographer NetNetwork with your fellow drone photographers
ReadDrone PhotographyDroneaboveGood Drone blog
SubmitWebsiteLens CultureSubmit for publishing to Lens Culture website
SubmitMagazinesFstop magazineSubmissions for every issue
SubmitMagazinesDarkroom galleryB&W submissions monthly
SubmitMagazinesF11 MagazineAccepts submissions from all over the world
SubmitWebsiteStreet PhotographyAccepts submissions from all over the world
SubmitMagazinesNational GeographicSubmit your photo to National Geographic and see your dream come true!
SubmitMagazinesThe GaurdianSubmit your photos to get immediate publicity. There are weekly themes.
LearnCheatsheetsAdobe cc Photographers Keyboard ShortcutsPhotoshop and Lightroom cheat sheets


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